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UpWord Communications is a boutique marketing firm that works with business professionals to help raise their profile in today’s highly competitive landscape.


Our team of experienced communications and media professionals help you create content that will establish you as a leader in your field and secure the kind of work you want to grow your business over the long term.


With an ongoing program custom-designed for you, our goal is to help you stand out with engaging and informative content written in a way to make prospective clients want to reach out to you.


We start all of our client engagement with a conversation about you: What are your career goals? Where do you want to take your business? Are you pivoting to a new sector or line of business?


Following that conversation, we provide you with a bespoke communications plan designed to be executed for you over 12 months with our dedicated team of UpWord client care specialists. But we don’t stop there — in an ever-changing world your plan must remain agile — just as we do and just as you have to — meaning changes can be made along the way to keep your content plan current and aligned with your objectives.

As former journalists and editors, we ask many questions, and each one is positioned with your best interests in mind and to make sure you get noticed. We help you identify ways to amplify your expertise to prospective clients. You will be surprised by how we create engaging content based on your work experience and understanding of your market.


You may not think you have a lot to say, but trust us, we believe you have a compelling story to tell the world. And it will pay dividends.


Want to know more? Contact us today and find out how we can help you boost your personal brand and that of your business.


What our clients are saying

"The UpWord Communications team of journalists and marketing professionals have been a trusted and reliable business partner of the firm, for the past three years. They take the time to understand your business, your requirements and action efficiently and effectively, with superior client service."

— Nicole Popovich
Easy Legal Finance Inc.

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